18 October 2010

Books you need to read for AMC exam

Reading in medicine is unlimited and there is no fix curriculum. Below is a guidance which book is more important for you to read for the exam. This is not official AMC guidelines, this is only from my experience. Also read AMC MCQ exam specification booklet (available through AMC website) and clinical exam specification booklet (link). There are few booklet and material available through various sources. If you need to purchase them there are various online  (usually cheaper) and offline bookstore available to purchase. These two bookstores will be nice to visit - Bookdepository and Fishpond. Another great online bookstore is obviously Amazon.com.
  • A must read books:
  1. Anthology of Medical Condition
  2. AMC Handbook for MCQs
  3. AMC Handbook of Clinical Assessment (for part 2, but should read for part 1 if you can)
  4. General Practice by Dr J. Murtagh
  5. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine
  6. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialities
  7. The Australian Immunisation Handbook - freely available from  Australian Government websiteImmunisation Handbook 
  8. Assessing fitness to drive - freely available from website
  • You should read these books:
  1. Fundamentals of O & G by Llewellyn-Jones
  2. Essential Paediatrics by Hull
  3. Royal Children's Hospital - Paediatric Handbook
  4. Textbook of Surgery by Tjandra
  5. Practise tips by Dr J. Murtagh
  6. Patient Education by Dr J. Murtagh
  7. A Systemic Guide to Physical Diagnose by Talley and O'Connor - DVD comes with the book and that is really helpful for physical examination
  8. Diabetes management in general practice - freely available via RACGP website 
  • Use as a reference:
  1. Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine
  2. Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine
  3. Ethics and the law for health professionals by Ian Kerridge
  4. Australian Family Physician - journal by RACGP - website , available free online, printed copy will need subscription.
  5. Medical Journal of Australia - website
  6. Therapeutic Guidelines - various available
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